Peerless Training Institute, a Private Career College accredited by the Private Career Colleges Branch of Ministry of Advanced Education, Government of Alberta. It is a diverse Private Career College with unique educational system. We have pride in excellence and a stimulating learning environment that prepares students to lead full and purposeful lives to assume leadership roles in their perspective fields. We have been helping our students fulfill their dreams to become true with the theme of "Less investment, Best possible services". And it works. A dynamic and rewarding environment waits for you at Peerless Training Institute. The opportunity to transform your life and realize your potential is just a decision away. Now is the time.

Our Mission: is to work as a guiding light  and provide eligible students with quality education to feel them competent and confident for the real work environment.

Our Object is to complement rather than compete with the institutes providing similar type of training as ours.

In Alberta there are hundreds of post secondary institutes offering varieties of programs but due to the up streaming population growth and increase demand of different types of service delivery having more quality educational institutes is a must.This is what the goal of Peerless Training Institute; at Peerless we are committed to provide students with the best possible quality education by a strong team of qualified instructors who have expertise and a wide range of skill set in their relevant field. Under the strong supervision and guidance of the management committee, Peerless Training Institute has been thriving over the past years. We value our commitment and try out best to ensure the society to have a competent and confident work force who will never compromise with quality of service delivered by them.

Peerless Training Institute is a good example of a diversification model where immigrants from different corners of the world have been huddling to find a hope for their professional growth to pursue the best career fit for them in a new challenging environment. We mentor our students not only to get the appropriate education but also help them to enhance their soft skills, help them to prepare professional resume and cover letter and guide them with job search and face interviews.

Peerless Training Institute has started its journey in the year of 2016 under the strong guidance of Dr. Gulshan Ara Akter, an international medical doctor from Bangladesh, who has found a huge shortage of qualified manpower in the Alberta Works and has become committed to start working on it.

Peerless Training Institute offers varieties of programs in healthcare and other fields in Calgary. Peerless Training Institute has officially launched with as “We started with a question what if we could take education to people where they are it, instead of expecting them to come to us” and it always had discipleship and leadership as its genetics. We the Peerless team is here to show the right person the relevant pathway of which is another step in pursuing that passion. We believe leadership is best developed as they practice leadership. Pathways take that idea to a new level, pathways motto is Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

If education is thought to be a business investment then invest to become a student at Peerless Training Institute. Working in the North American health care field will create direct interaction and vast knowledge about the health environment, patient care, safety, ethics and protocols as well as you will make a good rapport with your peers, supervisors, physicians and specialists which will be more than helpful to pursue your career and you will be able to move forward.

Our programs are specifically designed to provide you with knowledge and skills. You will need to thrive in today's job market. We have proven track record of preparing students with skill sets that apply directly to many of today's most in demand jobs.

We offer solid market –driven programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are in demand right now by the leading employers in the different industries.