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Dr. Gulshan Ara Akter Chair & CEO, Peerless Training Institute

Dr. Gulshan, a Canadian citizen is the Founder President and  CEO at Peerless Training Institute. She is an International Medical Graduate with specialization in Ultrasound  and Public Health specialist major in Reproductive and Child Health. She is also a Canadian and American Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer who has been working for a decade in Canada.

She used to live in different Canadian cities including Toronto, Edmonton and Regina, eventually she found Calgary to be her own home as the best and most diversified city in Canada.

 Dr. Gulshan had been working as a Sonologist for more than 10 years back home and near about a decade as a Canadian and American Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in many renowned companies in different provinces in Canada. She has been working in the major  Radiology & Imaging departments as a Chief Sonologist, Ultra-sonographer near about 20 years. She achieved her RDMS and RVT by ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) from USA and CRGS, CRVS  from Sonography Canada, a certified NT and NB licensee by Fetal Medicine Foundation England and   a member of European Society of Echocardiography.

Dr. Gulshan is an award winning Reproductive and Child Health Specialist.  She has an insatiable desire to develop on her own and with her passionate drive and unfathomable desire she established the Peerless Training Institute, an accredited private career college, accredited by the Private Career Colleges Branch of Ministry of Alberta Advanced Education.  As a founder, Chair & CEO Dr. Gulshan has the privilege to help qualified immigrants and Canadian graduates to help achieve their professional development.

Dr. Gulshan is dedicated to help the professionals and skill trades immigrants migrated to Canada from different countries of the world who have wide range of experience and profound knowledge in their respected field. She is passionate to work with highly educated students who experience challenges to enter into the Canadian job market.

Dr. Gulshan is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Medical  Society of  Alberta (BMSA), who served as a Finance Secretary for the same before.  Dr. Gulshan is also is a memeber of board of directors of Calgary Social Capital Society, She is an active member of Calgary Bangladesh Lions Club and working as a Finance Secretary and an active member of Amnesty International Canada. She attended many National & International conferences, seminars and developed an extensive network with innumerable scholars and Canadian professionals. As a founder of Peerless Training Institute Dr. Gulshan is committed to supporting you and making your dreams come true. Our focus always has been on the success of our students. This emphasis on teaching and learning is, in fact, what drew her to establish this Institute in April 2016.

Dr.Gulshan is the Chair and CEO at Gulshan -Jahid Health Development Foundation of Bangladesh; a philanthropic organization founded by herself and her husband in the year of 2003.

She is also the Founder owner and  Managing Director of Canadian Institute For Advanced Education (CIFAE) Dkaha, Bangladesh.

Throughout her tenure of service and academic upgrading she gathered outstanding knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of Medicine, Sonography, Public Health, Management and Social Development in various sectors of health and business strategy both nationally and internationally.

She is an award winning specialist doctor from Bangladesh and has an insatiable desire to develop on her own. Dr. Gulshan is very proactive, industrious and with her passionate drive and unfathomable desire she established the Peerless Training Institute here in Calgary, Canada.

Engr. AKM Jahidul Alam (Jahid) Founder & Program Director, Peerless Training Institute

Peerless Training Institute was founded to support and provide exceptional care and professional development for the New comers, Immigrants, highly educated foreign professionals and Canadian graduates,

Our vision to be one of the best quality training institutes in Canada. Education is a two way process where students learn in terms of quality. We at Peerless Training Institute (PTI) faculty of Health, Business, Management and Technology are committed to offer high degree of practical oriented knowledge to students and will inculcate the best of academic sense which will enable to the success of our Graduates in every walk of life. we have developed our study programmes which respond to the academic needs of the students and will be of immensely help at the workplace.

The institution has achieved high position in academic front due to experience, innovative ideas and best teaching. We have an excellent and an experience teachers who has achieved Canadian Professional certificate. In addition we have a core of outstanding and wonderful students who are thriving in an environment where their learning is relevant to real-world problems. 

Our students usually work collaboratively in groups, they also have ample opportunities to express their individual knowledge and thinking on a regular basis. Solid education is our focus. We strive to live our mission each day: to provide students relevant project-based learning and leadership is an atmosphere of trust, respect and responsibility.

Our mission to deliver the best possible educational knowledge, practical experience for our students. We are trying to increase the overall professional development by quality training and education to be a part and parcel to increase the total revenue of Canada.

We are committed to providing ongoing training, education and professional development programs. Each training will give you a snap short of how each of our disciplines and departments contributes to the institute, who we educate, what the education experience includes, and our performance as educators. We have better facilities with which to run our institute but most importantly we can provide our students with a better overall environment to get study done.

 Our main goal to understand the priorities and needs of our students firstly and then to provide you with high quality service. We will use this new environment to prove to you that we are up to this task and strive to continue to merit your trust. We believe that with your continued support, we can and will create a prosperous tomorrow!