Financial Aid, Grant and Scholarship is available for eligible students.

Financial Aid, Grant & Scholarship:
Our financial officer will guide applicants to secure student financial aid and assist with applications once the applicant has been accepted into program of study.

  • Alberta Student Aid
  • Canada Student Loan
Skills Assessment:
Should a skills assessment be required for a specific program an appointment will be arranged.
A skills assessment might include:

  • Typing (wpm)
  • Mathematical aptitude
  • English language aptitude
Language Proficiency Information:
English proficiency is necessary in the workplace.

An applicant may be required to arrange for an English languages assessment prior to admission into programs at PTI. It will be determined at an interview if testing will be required by the applicant to meet the program requirements.


Preparing for your First Class:
Upon receiving a letter of acceptance into a PTI program, each student will be made aware of the class start date and any specific supplies required for class. During the pre-admission interview information will be shared regarding clothing requirements (scrubs), lap top, computer and any other program specific need.

On the first day of class a program schedule will be provided.


Career Counseling:
Should an applicant or current student require information regarding careers, PTI will offer assistance and guidance. During each program, writing a cover letter, a resume, a list of reference and interview skills will be covered.