Peerless Training Institute is offering the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) Course, with exam, at below cost to all qualified applicants. The Security Services and Investigator’s Act requires any person in Alberta who works in any of the security service positions listed below to have a license. To obtain this license an individual must complete a mandatory training program and write a provincial exam. The course outcomes for this training are intended to provide participants with knowledge and skills in their role and responsibilities as security professionals.

Course list:

The seven modules which make up the Alberta Basic Security Training course are:

Module 1: Introduction to the Security Industry

Module 2. The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals

Module 3. Basic Security Procedures

Module 4. Communication for Security Professionals

Module 5. Documentation and Evidence

Module 6. Emergency Response Procedures for Security Professionals

Module 7. Health & Safety for Security Professionals

Admission Requirements:


To enroll in the course, individuals much meet the following criteria

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. Fluent in speaking English
  3. No serious criminal convictions that have not been pardoned
  4. Canadian Citizen, Permanent resident, Work permit
  5. Course Fee: $ 250.00
  6. Saturday and Sunday  (Weekend shift only).  (8 hours / day). Need to complete 40 hours.

Program Description

  • Each participant will be provided with a course Participant Manual which complements the course materials, interactive discussion, and video-based exercises which make up this course.
  • The Alberta Basic Security Training course consists of seven modules to be taught in a classroom setting over a period of 40 hours.
  • Upon successful completion of the 40 hour security training course an individual will be eligible to write the mandatory provincial exam.

Job Opportunities

    Respond to in demand security professionals needs and get additional guidance to learn AGLC responsible sale Canabis, protect and proserve-get priority in getting hired.

  • Security Services (static or mobile)
  • Loss Prevention Worker
  • Executive Security (body guards)
  • In-house Security
  • Dog Patrol Services
  • Alarm Responders (those who physically respond; not monitoring a screen)
  • Course fees $ 250.00
  • Accredited from Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General, Govt. of Alberta.
  • Course Duration Every Saturday & Sunday (8 hours/ day) , Need to complete 40 hours.

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