Accounting and Payroll

Accounting and Payroll Diploma

Peerless Training Institute allows students to prepare themselves for a successful career in the accounting and payroll industry. Through this program, students will be provided with hands-on training in the classroom and in-depth practical experience. Upon completion, the graduate will be proficient in computer applications and software, interpersonal skills and all aspects of accounting and payroll.

Objectives and Pre Reqs

Peerless Training Institute is glad to offer its 52 weeks Accounting and Payroll Diploma Program. Multiple scheduling options have been provided and designed for flexibility and convenience with your work schedule. We have full-time Monday to Friday and weekend classes to meet your availability.

  • Morning Class (9:00am-13:00pm)
  • Afternoon Class (13.00pm-17:00pm)
  • Evening Class (17:00pm-21:00pm)

Day-long weekend shifts (Saturday and Sunday) are also available to accommodate you according to your schedule. You have the opportunity to take courses at your convenience.

Admission Requirements:

  • Age 18 or over
  • High School Diploma Alberta / non-Alberta Equivalent / GED
  • Keyboarding (15 wpm, no errors)
  • Clear Security Clearance
  • Ability to carry out the workload
  • Interview with Program Coordinator
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a strong commitment to confidentiality and integrity.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Successful completion of admission interview and testing for adequate entry-level skills
  • An adequate level of physical health to meet the requirements of the program and prospective employment.

Program Highlights

  • Accounting and Payroll Diploma Program: 52-week program
  • 45 weeks theory and 7 weeks (140 hours) in-house practicum

Peerless Training Institute’s Accounting and Payroll Diploma Program will help you to develop proficiency as an accounting and payroll clerk in a wide variety of areas.

This program provides students with the skills and education that allows them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Program subjects include Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Computerized Accounting with Simply by Sage Level 1 & 2, Payroll Fundamentals 1 & 2, Human Resource Management, Microsoft Applications, Accounting and Taxation, Financial & Management, Business Communication. Marketing & Economics, Computer Fundamentals with keyboarding, Microsoft Word Level 1 & 2, Microsoft Excel Level 1 & 2, Tax Application / software (Turbo Tax/ U file / profile).

Learn to use Microsoft Windows applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Career Opportunities

Successful graduates of this program have the following Career Outlook:

  • Accounting clerk
  • Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable clerk
  • Accounting Assistant,
  • Office Assistant
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Administration Officer
  • Office Supervisor

Median Starting annual Salary $ 60,000-70,000 Approximately.

Areas of Employment:

The vast majority of businesses in Canada have some financial components, ensuring that accounting jobs are in demand across a wide array of industries and fields.

Owning or operating their own business, however, the largest Canadian employers in the financial industry are banks, insurance companies, Industrial Companies, Marketing, and Sales companies, Govt. and Non-Profit Organizations, consulting companies and accounting companies are also employers with large accounting teams.

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<span style=”font-size: 16px; color: #3db166;”>Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.</span>

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Student Resources

About Peerless

Why Choose Peerless?

Peerless Training Institute, a Private Career College accredited by the Private Career Colleges Branch of Ministry of Advanced Education, Government of Alberta. It is a diverse Private Career College with unique educational system. We have pride in excellence and a stimulating learning environment that prepares students to lead full and purposeful lives to assume leadership roles in their perspective fields. We have been helping our students fulfill their dreams to become true with the theme ofLess investment, Best possible outcome“. And it works. A dynamic and rewarding environment waits for you at Peerless Training Institute. The opportunity to transform your life and realize your potential is just a decision away. Now is the time.



Our Object is to complement rather than compete with the institutes providing similar type of training as ours.

In Alberta there are hundreds of post secondary institutes offering varieties of programs but due to the up streaming population growth and increase demand of different types of service delivery having more quality educational institutes is a must.This is what the goal of Peerless Training Institute; at Peerless we are committed to provide students with the best possible quality education by a strong team of qualified instructors who have expertise and a wide range of skill set in their relevant field. Under the strong supervision and guidance of the management committee, Peerless Training Institute has been thriving over the past years. We value our commitment and try out best to ensure the society to have a competent and confident work force who will never compromise with quality of service delivered by them.



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Ongoing sessions for students living in Canada.

 For international students the sessions are:

 Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

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