Business Administration Diploma

Get enrolled and become a Business Administrator in two years!

Success, whether in the entrepreneurial realm or the corporate sphere, requires practical and theoretical skills. In today’s rapidly evolving global economy, having a diploma degree in Business Administration can lead to scores of career opportunities and provide students with the foundation they need to succeed in a wide array of specialty areas, from finance and international business to management and marketing – and much more.

Take the next step to your future, develop your supervision, business and management skills that will give you opportunities to apply creative solutions to real-world problems and allow you to bring your charming self to work and make business thrive.


Business Administration


2 Year


300 Hours

Objectives & Concentrations

Peerless Training Institute (PTI) offering two year “Business Administration Diploma” that is designed to develop students’ abilities to understand business concepts, terms and theories, as well as to think critically and communicate effectively.

The “Diploma program” provides basic Business Administration skills. Students use computers, computer skills and software applications necessary to prosper in a business environment. Courses provide an understanding of business administration methods, management skills and business knowledge.

Practicum Included with this program.

Business Administration Diploma

300 hours of practicum


This program provides students with both the broad conceptual framework and the work-specific skills they need to build a meaningful and successful career. Plus, you will choose a concentration that will allow you to focus on one area of specialization:

  • Business Administration, BA – Management
  • Business Administration, BA – Human Resource Management
  • Business Administration, BA – International Business
  • Business Administration, BA – Marketing
  • Business Administration, BA – Finance
  • Business Administration, BA – Transportation and Logistics
  • Business Administration, BA – Hospitality Management
  • Business Administration, BA – Entrepreneurship *
  • Business Administration, BA – Automotive Dealership Management *
  • Business Administration, BA – Equine Studies *

Key Concepts

Accounting and Finance, Management and Marketing law so graduates are ready to compete and succeed in local, regional and international settings. Plus, hands-on opportunities let students implement and test their skills, providing them with real-world expertise that can provide an advantage in a competitive job market.

Total course hours: 2092

(1st Year- 960 hours, 2nd year-832 hours & 300 hours practicum)

Class schedule:

  • First Year – 1st Term 4 months 320 hours, 2nd Term 4 months 320 hours & 3rd Term 4 months 320 hours

20 hours / week. Monday to Friday or Weekend Classes.

  • Second Year – 1st Term 4 months 320 hours, 2nd Term 4 months 320 hours & 3rd Term 2 months 192 hours

20 hours / week. Monday to Friday or Weekend Classes. 

  • Practicum: 2 months, 300 hours based on site work schedules. 

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the Business Administration program can pursue entry-level positions in a wide range of fields such as:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Insurance and many more similar companies

Peerless Training Institute Contact Info

Location: 260-2635 37th Avenue, NE, Calgary, AB,

Phone: 403-230-2665


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Ongoing sessions for students living in Canada.

 For international students the sessions are:

 Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

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