Message from the Leadership

Dr. Gulshan Akter
MD, MPH, CRGS, CRCS, RDMS, RVT, M. Phil (Thesis)
Founder President & CEO

Dr. Akter is the Owner., Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Peerless Training Institute,
since Jan 19, 2016. Dr. Akter is also the owner and Founding Managing Director of an overseas
University College-Canadian Institute For Advanced Education (CIFAE) in Bangladesh since September
2017. She is also the Founder Chairman of Gulshan Jahid Health Development, an international non-profit organization based in Bangladesh that is dedicated to serving the underprivileged individuals from her own financing since 2003. Dr. Akter is an ultrasound instructor and trains ultrasound to foreign trained physicians at a various level and she has held visiting professorship at CIFAE Bangladesh, Dr. Akter is a life long learner who is actively affiliated with North American, European and International professional bodies such as,

• Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA)
• American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS)
• Sonography Canada
• Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technologist (ACMDTT)
• Fetal Medicine Foundation
• European Society of Echocardiography
• Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and many more.

Dr. Akter is well known for her leadership skills and a role model of her philanthropic activities with a huge portfolio, Dr.Akter held executive memberships in many non-profit and humanitarian organizations and a strong voice for human rights issues. With her strong leadership skills, Dr. Akter is committed to fostering a safe inclusive and welcoming environment for her students at Peerless Training Institute to achieve their personal, academic and career goals

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