Get enrolled and become a Registered Message Therapyst in 14 weeks!

Incorporating an online accompaniment to in-person instruction by our qualified and experienced Instructors found extremely beneficial for the students. Using e-learning in the classroom is paperless and environment friendly, preserving our planet ecosystem. It has become an integral part in our educational system.


Massage Therapyst

Course Duration

92 Weeks Course


300 Hours hands-on

Course Materials & Sessions

Two years Diploma
Total hours-2300
Tuition- $24000 for two years
Books+Materials+ incidental

E-learning Included

By utilizing computing devices at each student’s desk, instructors can enhance the verbal instruction by
providing the information covered in a visual presentation. Each student in the classroom is connected
online by a virtual classroom, can read presentation, write exam online and submit their assignments as
well. Students can log in their virtual classroom anywhere

Peerless Training Institute Contact Info

Location: 260-2635 37th Avenue, NE, Calgary, AB,

Phone: 403-230-2665


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Ongoing sessions for students living in Canada.

 For international students the sessions are:

 Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

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