President’s Message

Since its inception in 2016, there has been a level of excitement and energy at the Peerless team.

Even 3 years later, Peerless Training Institute is undergoing a significant transformation that will better enable us to deliver an enhanced level of programming to our students and economic development in Calgary and the province of Alberta as a whole.

Peerless Training Institute has pride in excellence, and we are committed to fostering a safe inclusive and welcoming environment for you to achieve your personal, academic and career goals. Therefore, as a member of the Peerless team you are responsible for reviewing, understanding and abiding by the established policies. Student empowerment and leadership is valued at Peerless Training Institute and students input regarding the improvement of the Peerless education policies is important.

Peerless is a place that thrives when students succeed. Visit our website at that will let you know that there are a number of reasons to be excited about Peerless Training Institute.

We embrace our roots as a post-secondary institution to helping the multi-ethnic people and look forward to building partnerships that allow us to deliver the commitment to become a Centre of Excellence for Education, Training, and Research.

We are excited about you becoming a part of the experience here at Peerless Training Institute. By attending the Peerless Training Institute, you will join our vibrant team which includes high-level executives, successful business owners, industry leader’s faculty, dedicated staff, and a unique collegiate environment. Peerless Training Institute will provide you with one of the best post-secondary educational opportunities available and serve as your key to future success.

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